Diagrams should go on subpages. Please give a descriptions, link a small preview image, and also link the diagram file (until we get something working with CVS). The page name should reflect the diagram name. Something like MembersPage/RichardBarrington/QTune/DesignDiagrams/LoadConfigUsecase.

What tool is recommended?

Um... No. Together Edition for Eclipse is $4000 USD?! Is there another product you were thinking of?

Some more affordable choices...

Use cases

Hardware setup

Engine tuning


Class diagrams

Hmm. Thinking outloud here....

A CommandPattern for talking between GUI and SerialPort. A controller should probably be between them though. This is mostly to make undo easier, and also so we can manage the commands as the system changes. SerialPort can then worry about any wrapping/error detection/etc.


Sequence diagrams


Object diagrams


Statechart diagrams


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