Why even go here?

Because [TrollTech] has released a GPL'd version of QT4 for Windows. This is an awesome crossplatform toolkit that supports X11, Windows, and MacOS X. I was going to let QT slide because of the lack of GPL Windows support, but now it's been announced, I think it's worth pursuing.

I'm very concerned not to repeat the concept that was used in MegaTunix. It resulted in a tuningsoftware that is tied to GTK. A tuningsoftware that is tied to very simple IO (input and GUI operations) API can be made to run anywhere (GBA, win, linux, GTK, QT, etc...) - the other way around is not true. The resulting limitations to (for example compile-time language and font selection and screen optimization) is a small price for this app IMHO (unlike for a spreadsheet or office app).

Features of interest:

Why not Java?

It seems to be too heavy for end-user applications. Installing the JRE is bad enough, but getting RXTX installed as well is too much for many end users. It's also slow on the old laptops many users will have. Light versions like Waba work fine on the PDA, but not ideal for PC use.


General Features:

GUI Features:

Tuning Features:

Monitoring (and logging) features:

Alarm features (audible and visual):

Testing features. Either command-oriented (simpler), or EC36/EC18 pinout oriented (more user-friendly).

System requirements:






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SetupWizard - see some new GUI shots at

What's missing or wrong with it so far? Almost ready to implement the file output stuff?

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