Warning: Impressions are written from a new user / first timer perspective. Bulleted recommendations are from my own perspective.

Received the package. The 3.2 board looks good quality.

Wasn't too impressed with case endplates - different materials and the rear plate wasn't machined to take the seals. Screws were ambiguous...

Spent some time in wiki looking for where to start building/testing. Couldn't quite find where to begin the required assembly (if any). Searched for specifics on functions I knew I'd need - serial, idle stepper, WBO2, injector drivers.

Soldered on a 3-pin header for serial communications. Didn't see an obvious description of how to connect serial via the EC.

Soldered on the stepper driver and capacitor (after referencing the rescue kit page). What's this D45 southern-pad thing?

Soldered on the WBO2 driver. Followed picture to get orientation right.

Soldered on the MAP sensor, without screws holding it to the board. No mention of orientation, and both the body and the nozzle foul components on the board depending on which side is used.

Soldered on the power supply inductor and ran a wire between the fuse holes..

Soldered on the 2 injector channel drivers. Step-by-step said I need flyback, but high-Z injectors don't, right?

Made a power cable and serial cable, then tested serial communication. Success.

Dug around in the wiki and learned that there are two flyback options, but one that works for both high-Z and low-Z injectors, and will let us run multiple injectors per bank. Soldered on the ES2J low-Z flyback diodes and wire.

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