BMW E36 328T


Problem with low map VE bins

I have problem with low VE map bins. There are strange values needed (higher at 30kpa than at 50kpa) and the engine is runing rich, but if I try to lower them it will start detonate and wideband shows extreamly lean. Maybe this is normal with Ethanol?

If I slowly rev the engine @ ~30kpa, lambda shows 1.02, bet when I stop reving and hold stable rpms (e.g. 5000rpm) it starts to run rich and lambda goes to 0.72... I have almost perfect idle at 900rpm. Also my warmup table looks strange as it likes less fuel at warmup. Could it be mehanical isue like too retarded exhaust camshaft or pulsations in fuel rail? I will bee thankfull for any idea that could solve the problem!

I have tuned AUDI with the same injectors (846 bosch) and same settings on RON98 and had no problems.

-- Have you tried to play with injector opening characteristics? Or play around with another set (smaller?) of injectors. Very suspectible.

-- I'm fine with stock BMW fuel regulators. Looking into your log your EGTs seems high for idle-time and free-revving. Probably retarded exhaust cam? On the other hand 28-30kpa is very strong vacuum for a CR 8:1 engine, I've never seen such low values -but probably that's OK.

New Log !-

Why it is starting to run rich at 28kPa, but is lean at 30kPa?


Firmware: 1.1.18