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BMW E30 with M50B25 engine


Problem with camsync!

I'm now trying to run with secondary VR trigger(cam sync), but have serious problems!

The engine runs fine with cam sync till 3500rpm and then starts missfire(rummble). COP dwell is set to 2.2ms in megatune, but if i lover it to 1.8ms the engine runs fine till 4000rpm and then missfires starts.

I checked advance with strobe and the results are:

9deg in MT - 18deg on strobe

If i am correct that means, that cylinder is fired every engine revolution like in dual out (wasted spark COP) mode.

What can be wrong?

Using firmware 1.1.18

Here are current config and tables -


Maybe the air temp ignition retard cause this. Check it here:


Expected "VEMS v1.1 12x12 kpa=2,2" (found in ini file)

Received "EMS v1.1 12x12 kpa=2,2" (from controller)

A: go to megatune basic settings and change:

MapRangeUnit? = 2 (Default)

Table kPa unit = 2 (High-Boost) Tim


2007-05-23 - obsolete

I'm installing V3.3 on my car, but something is wrong.

When H[1]=00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 i get spark to one bank every revolution.

But when I set H[1]=28 14 00 28 14 00 00 00 I get no spark at all!

(turned out to be bad config, see above)