Please help.

I have problem that the trigger is to close to TDC. If I am able to trigger on falling edge I think that the trigger pos. will change 60 deg.

Q: What is the value of tdc after the trigger now (calibrated) ?

Why do it not show RPM?

See log files:

Thanks alot for the help.

Have too much to do now so I did not see it was 6 + 1 :)

Now I have the problem that TDC after the trigger is too close to TDC.

I have tried to trigger on falling edge. But now RPM showing.

Can I do anything to solw the problem?

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Date. 07-10-13

Problem with 6 + 1 trigger signal. Wrong RPM showing. Trigger fail.

Pls. Help.


-Anders Amby

Q: Why is the trigger not working ?

A: Your configuration shows you have configured your ecu for 12+1, your scope shots clearly show the actual trigger signal is 6+1. Secondly in shots falling-falling, falling-rising there might be a race condition between primary and secondary trigger, rising-rising will give best results. So i short, please update configuration using 'trigger settings visual', # of teeth in full engine cycle = 6, first trigger tooth = 0 (no other choice on a 6 cyl with 6 teeth in cam cycle wheel) and use the recommended reference tooth table. - DB

Qualitec Denmark

I have this BMW M62B44 engine.


Can I run it with the orginal CAM sensor that has 4 cam signals ? Yes.

Or should I remove 3 of the cams.

Please see: