I counted it the crankshaft signaller, and 12+1, not 24+1. both signallers VR.

Hello! What I prepare now, a mazda rx7 rotary. the car arrived from Japanese, the steering wheel are on the right side, and six gear transmission. On the crankshaft an 24+1 wheel is. The first and rear rotary is in 180 degrees in the engine, the crankshaft three turns round, the piston once. Onto all crankshaft turns makes work. I found these illustrations:

In both rotor house two sparks plug is, first the leading ( lower ) next 15 degrees

with retardation the trailing ( top ) gives a spark. How can we solve this?

15 degree delay is not supported with 24+1 trigger (which has pulse every 30 crankdeg).

Write the full sequence

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