The engine:


PROVIDE CONFIGDUMP of your current config ! (NOT msq)

Hello! I install V3 onto an engine like this, that a bmw E30 body I am building. I checked it that the engine works similarly, than the 6 cylinder ones engines, but the right and left pistons are not at TDC simultaneously.

Does somebody have an experience with an engine like this?

- gunni-

Are you saying that the pistons are not TDC in pairs for this engine.

If they are then you can run the 60-2 trigger wheel and run 6 ignition outputs to wasted spark coils so to trigger the appropriate pairs. Injectors could be wires similarly.

Then you shouldnīt have any issues tuning the engine.


Yes! When cyl1 and 6 on the left side are at TDC, none are at TDC on the right side. I assume they are 60 degrees off.

1-1 distributor is on both sides, and 1-1 coil.

The two sides are offsetted 60 degrees !

- Gunni -

As long as there is a pair at TDC on each bank it doesnīt really matter. As thatīs whatīs important to get correct ignition timing on all cylinders.

I think it would be ideal if you create a 360deg chart that shows what pistons are together at TDC, and with that chart is a picture of how you have numbered the cylinders.


This is a even fire engine, it only uses 2 sets of trigger sensors from factory because of the 2 ECU's, You can use 2 distributors with VEMS and wire injectors in pairs with the same trigger sensors

each bank is 60 degrees apart (360 / 60 degrees)

trigger settings will be:





tdc after the trigger: 60

number of teeth on wheel: 58

first trigger tooth: 4

next trigger tooth: 10

angular width of tooth: 6

filtering and advanced filtering will be disabled

Secondary Trigger: Disabled

Referece tooth table:







This will execute 6 ignition events every crank revolution (3 will be sent to the left side, and 3 to the right side, interleaved of course). One just needs to pair the correct ignition outputs (that are on TDC at the same moment).

You might have to adjust your TDC after trigger and first trigger tooth

Ignition outputs will be assigned with each distributor alternating.

I'm not sure about the firing order so you will have to figure injector wiring out yourself


Thank you Emil! I am ready with the building in slowly, then what prepare new wiring to the engine!



Hello! I started the engine, and works very nicely. I write the fair settings down if I am full-fledged.