BMW S54 6 cyl, firing order: 15 36 24

First step for S54 effectively completed:

Capture a triggerlog and vemscfg of engine cranking 8-10 seconds without IGN and INJ fuse with all three triggers enabled in the following configuration:

At latest when all 3 triggers look good in InputTrigger/TriggerLog (captured the above method), then

Sectrig and thirdtrig are finally connected properly; with ECU that was requested with trigger and outputs for S54 => engine runs fine

Cam actuator (wiring) still needs some review + docs + work:

See Dual Vanos Output section

Keep in mind third trig = intake cam, sec trig = exhaust cam

Best practise to avoid swapped cams, is to first connect only one cam's solenoids.

The correct 8-1 is routed to sectrig : "v3.3_u008907-2014-11-05-17.59.39.triggerlog" seems to have correct wiring of sectrig and third trigger

But is not captured without IGN and INJ fuse (as requested) so hard to review, seems to attempt fire up than slow down again.

2014-11-05-18.06 is wrong again: sectrig 6 evenly spaced pulses, go back to 17.59 routing.

VERY important: S54 needs 4 PFET outputs (high-side drivers) for the vanos actuators. Any other setup is not supported (driving vanos actuators directly from p259 outputs not supported, and might damage the p259 and cause other indirect problems).

According to our knowledge, for S54, it's enough to just

[VT help]
  • see the Dual Vanos Output type: Measured = 0 ... target - 2 deg - PWM-ing range : OutputA? active and OutputB? inactive , when Cam pulse too late... So OutputA? should be connected to the actuator that advances the cam when activate

We'll see if this engine happens to show something tricky.

Trigger: VR, HALL, HALL

Good S54 triggerlog, (captured from another engine, with VEMS trigger inputs properly connected):


Clearly seen, that

Cam sensor pinout:

Cam actuators

Cam actuator wiring

Exhaust cam wiring, sectrig

Intake cam wiring, third trig



Ign outputs. Copied exactly from paper... not clear at all. Can you reformat ?

Still not clear: (pin11 is on EC36, not EC18; please confirm).

Pin 33-36 is obviously on EC36, but stepper is on EC18... weird...

Trigger errors

Engine is running well, but trigger error is lit continuously...


triggerlog ?

Note: [old log files] were not captured with this method, and not suitable to reproduce what is going on.

First, according to Dave's instructions from October mail:

After that, capture triggerlog:

2014-11-05 15.56 logs - at least 2 problems:


Min 2 significant problems (compare to the good log above):

Captured with swapped sectrig and third trig (missing tooth should go to sectrig; evenly spaced to third trig)

Make a new triggerlog with these, (without injection and ignition).

2 good changes:



Although filename v3.3_u008907-2014-11-05-18.06.10-FELCSERÉLVE-2.-3,-TRIGGER-NO-INJECTOR.triggerlog says FELCSERELVE (== swapped), it's in fact not swapped, but same as 2014-11-05-15.56 . So since 2014-11-05-15.56 sectrig and thirdtrig routing wasn't swapped (or swapped twice):

If sectrig is evenly spaced as in this case, really swap sectrig and third trig, and capture triggerlog (until you get the 8-1 appear in triggerlog on sectrig as on the good example at the top).

Home-made third trigger input not good yet: Third trig filtering needed