Planning VEMS for turbocharged BMW M50B25 (24valve)engine in an BMW E30.

Type of ignition system not yet decided, All ideas are very welcome.

Will probably try to use stock crank and Camtriggers (VR)and go full seqential injection and spark.Future plans are running E85 (ethanol)

and boost pressures at >1,5 bar


BMW M50B25

Compression Ratio ~8,0-1

Stock crank and rods and slightly lathed Stock pistons.

MLS multi layer steel headgasket

ARP head studs

2xBosch .044 fuelpumps


aeromotive fpr.

Precision sc61 Turbocharger (rated 630hp)

61mm 2.416" 3.227" 56 3" 360 0.63 2.920" 2.420"

Custom intake manifold

PPF ( Exhaust manifold

All to be placed in a 318IS-88

according to new info there is 2xVR sensors on the m50 engine,one for crank and one for Cam positioning.

A: Hi, I'm not really know M50 but I'd say it is. Just like on M20. Is your engine running already, or just plan? (MembersPage/GergelyLezsak)


Not running,in the planning stages,rebuilding the engine.