Porsche 911 Targa Turbo 2,7 1975

A friend of a friend wanted me to help him get his Porsche going, so i told him "there is only one way to get that car moving, and thats to remove the original K-jet".

So the plan is to remove the stock injection and ignition and controll it all with a Vems 3.3.




Engine Spec:

The plan is to run this engine whith a 60-2 trigger on the crankwheel (wasted spark). Might be tricky to get it working, but i give it a try.

The System

Vems 3.3 Serial no 2372

- 1-wire interface: no

- Flyback: 30V flyback

- ignition driver: 8

- Knock and EGT: yes

- LCD connection: yes

- MAP connection: 300kPa (6/4mm pneumatic)

- mounting-style: screws

- primary_trigger: VR

- PS2 connection: no

- secondary_trigger: HALL

IAT sensor, injectors, tps, lambda, bosch motorsport ignition is from the webshop.