Com1 is used as communication port.

I get into bootloader mode using the terminal program. (Bray)

I send Manmcbffmcb in the terminal program.

I then change to 19200 baud and send S to check the reply.

The reply from the controller is AVREFI1.

I then send v to the controller. The reply is 20.

I exit the terminal program and start AVRprog.exe

I have successfully uploaded vems.hex (from v3_firmware_2004-11-24_v9 ) into the ATMEGA using the AVRprog.exe.

I exited the program using the exit button on AVRprog.exe

I can download config.mtt from the controller using the terminal program (Bray) and the mcd command.

But I can still not get MegaTunix to communicate to the controller.

I started the MegaTunix via command prompt. Then I changed the com port to COM1.

This is the message I get from Megatunix:

The MegaSquirt ECU appears to be currently disconnected. This means that either one of the following occurred:

  1. Wrong Comm port is selected on the Communications Tab. Possibly, but you aleady know from Bray terminal that COM1 to be used
  2. The MegaSquirt serial link is not plugged in. Unlikely...
  3. The MegaSquirt ECU does not have adequate power. If other apps / terminal can talk to it, it's got enough power.
  4. The MegaSquirt ECU is in bootloader mode. ''Check with a terminal, or better with Do a verify @ 19200, and if you don't need to "t" talk to the "msavr" application first, it's in bootloader mode.

comm experiments - surely talking to firmware save output of these commands to files, zip and upload (or take notes at least):

if above talking to firmware is a success, provide details of MegaTunix you try to use

Above details are needed to help you.

if above talking to firmware fails, See if it's in bootloader mode - MegaTunix cannot talk to

If above AVREFI1 / 20 is printed, you know it's in bootloader mode: after firmware upload the marker word wasn't written (I can only use, like perl bin/ vems.hex 19200 :COM5 Etwf because avrprog does not support COM5; is faster anyway). Repeat above test of bootloader.

Dave A said MegaTunix 0.70 is broken, and to use 0.71 instead. This should hopefully fix the comms problem.