I have a Dax Rush with Rover V8 engine. The Rush is a kit car derivation off the Lotus Super 7. The car’s primary function is a fun toy to make me smile. It is used on the road and track whenever I find time.

The current set-up

Suspension and wheels: The wheels are 205/40/17 front and 245/40/17 at the back. Suspension is unequal length dual wishbones front and live axle back and adjustable coil over shocks all around.

Brakes: Front 240mm vented disks with Wilwood 4 pot callipers, back is Ford Sierra disks with callipers. Hand brake via cable to the rear callipers.

Engine: The current engine is a Rover 3.9 V8. It has been prepared by V8tuner in 2002. I will replace the engine with a Rover V8 4.6 that is waiting in my garage for the exchange. The 4.6 will have stage 3 big valve 28cc heads, a Kent camshaft (218-234?) with hydraulic Rhodas lifters and adjustable push rods. Oil supply is dry sump and 3 stage pump, remote filter and oil cooler. The dry sump set-up helps with the oil starvation problems due to acceleration or cornering.

Ignition: The ignition set-up has not yet been decided but will be most likely wasted spark with crank trigger wheel.

Fuel injection: It will be a modified standard Rover plenum and manifold. I intend to shorten the thrumpets and lower the plenum height to get a better fit. I will still need a hole in the bonnet and the plenum will stick out. But the intake piping should then go under the bonnet!

Transmission: The current gearbox is the Rover LT77 5 speed. I might replace it with the same box taken from a fright Sherpa Van. This box has allegedly stronger components fitted. Only drawback is the short first gear ratio of 3.985 : 1 that is way to short for the Rush. The flywheel is an aluminium one with a strong Sachs clutch, all rated for 350BHP. At the back I have a 4 link Atlas live axle with Panhard Rod. Final drive ratio of the axle is 3.09 : 1

The car is around the 680kg mark. That makes for some mind-boggling acceleration. Wheel spin by changing from 2 to 3 is possible. In the dry! The top speed is nothing to write home about. I have never had it flat out yet. My assumption is in the region of 140 mph. The aerodynamics of the Rush is equal to a brick.

The 3.9 engine was measured on RR with 235 BHP. I am looking for 270 BHP and 400Nm torque from the 4.6 engine. Those are real figures not the claimed +300 BHP that you often see.

I have a centrifugal supercharger (Powerdyne BD11) waiting in my garage as well. The trouble is, I have not found the space in the engine bay to fit the thing. I am thinking of using a grinder and MIG welder to create the space.

But that will be later.