Car Volvo 740 Turbo 2.9L

Big turbo


Race pistons

Race crankshaft

Big valves


Race camshaft 12 mm lift


Having problems using lambda correction.

It seams if the car is running lean it will not correct/regulate only if running rich it starts to correct.

If we set it to regulate 100% rich and lean it seams to do some kind of correction.

Another thing is the wideband is showing data the same time car is started so warm time (120) has no effect.

Ecu has been upgraded from 1.1.75 - 1.1.96 - 1.1.95

Log file her

  • 1.1.99 was tested this morning, the lambda function not perfect yet. Do you use any special function wich requires new firmware?
  • it supports 2 wideband sensors (default is still 1 wideband). The ego correction condition was reworked (disables ego if nernst or Ri is off-target)

---This car has no need for special function´s just a simple install.

Marsell told me to upgrade to 1.1.99 so not my idea.

Would it be possible to downgrade to ex. 1.1.190 and lambda correction will work like it should. I wonder if there is some data area there is not changed if downgrade firmware and then still not correcting correct


--- Tested this on 1.1.96 and it works as usual, but actually when you set to 50% it does not. Having a higher limit than 20 is not recommended. //Emil