Need help to get this “nice” jap trigger working

Car Toyota

Engine blacktop

Cas distributor 4 spots on shaft

Primary trigger input setup

Ign output setup

Coils ??



When setting up ignition to 17 degrees BTDC at 1000 RPM, its only 7 degrees at 5-6000 rpm so its sliding almost 10 degrees. Measured how ?

We scoped on bench, ignition is exactly as shown, no "sliding" at higher RPM.

Write (above) about coils, check carefully that

Triggerlog 1 17 degrees

Triggerlog 2 27 degrees

Log (Config missing)

Bench Testing Results

We benchtested your setup today with 1.2.6 firmware and scope. It behave perfectly, we didn't find any "ignition sliding"'. Ignition seems to fire at good times at any RPMs.

For example at 1000,3000 and 5000 RPM (with sparkadv locked to 25 BTDC), ignition angle is ~55 degrees (TDC after the trigger is 80, so 80-25=55) as calculated.