We have made a little program called Pocket VMS.

It can be used to see reel time values and itīs not for tuning your engine.


You can see the most important values like lambda/afr, rpm, L/km, L/t, also data logging is possible and if the phone has connection to internet it will automatically send data to a server for later use. Data will be stored for too days then automatically deleted.

OS: win mobile 5.0-6.5, xp, vista.

More to come.

If someone have a smart function they would like us to implant, then feel free to write and we will see if it can be made.






Testing the program in my Audi S2


Per Andersen (programmer) and his nice rallycar

Technical info

We did use activesync to upgrade phone HTC touch 2

The first build 1.00 almost tested fine but afr seamed 1.0 off so did some scaling.

The trial version of Pocket VMS is limited to running online for 4 minutes on the engine managment, GPS and updating the webserver. After that you must restart the software to gain 4 minutes more.

Pocket VMS is available as a free trial and as a full version for USD $15.

ecu side, or pda is capable usb-host and with usb-serial adapter?
  • The commutation is wireless Bluetooth and if running xp you can use normal seriel or adapter.
  • The Andriod code is wary complex at the time and tool's are limited so it will take twice the time to make this app but yes we have considered it.


Today PocketVMS? has been tested on Peters Audi with success.

Website is now up running on