Testing firmware 1.2.15 Knock

Car: Hyundai 1.6 16v

Wasted spark

60-2 no cam

Short checklist


Updated Vt 1.5.11 (23 new files)

ETC disabled then ok. EtcMenu? could be moved to other throttle menus :-).

Lambda issue:

Still I have to lower the req. fuel from 16 to 7-8ms.

Lambda gauge shows strange values not table value.

In knock channel settings. If all is 1 then typing 3=2 ok, 2=2 ok, 1=2 ok, and then 0=2 it changes something in fuel pulse width and I can put 16 ms in req. fuel as normal value and lambda gauge is correct value now. If rebooting ecu all are wrong again and have to change req, fuel to 7-8 to get the car running.

Changing 1 and 0 is not recorded in log data somehow, time 11.52.

If disabling knock i.e. 1 to 240 everything is then normal req. fuel 16 ms and lambda gauge is correct value now.

The knock settings is deficiently changing some part of the fuel calculation.

New logfile to look at.

Knock seams to work nice, I can hear the engine knocking and see the spikes in Vt.


Can you try with latest VT, and run "update ini"-s ? Also, check validate. You accidentally got ETC (electronic throttle) enabled but your (nonexisting throttle) cannot reach target, effecting fuelcut, ... Disable ETC.

1: When loading 1.2.15 I have to reduce req. fuel from 16 to 12 ms

2: Also I have to type in big numbers for Fuel cut and fuel resume (20000 and 19000) this function act like rpm limiter now so something Is wrong her.

3: If playing with knock sensor 1 and 2 it will effect the lambda value somehow. Sensor like 1-1-1-1 is good 1-1-1-2 will make lambda go bad. (nothing connected to knock input 2)

4: Gauge of lambda target is not showing the correct value of the lambda table.

Nice function to have:

Ve live tuning is a cool function and if we could have the same function for knock it would be great.

Tune your car so you believe there in no knocking (low ignition advance) then turn on “knock live tuning” and Vt will store all numbers in the knock table. Then you will have all threshold values stored easily.

Also we could use a “if_knock” Flag/tag and a counter for every cyl.


3 log files to look at.

The car is not tuned well cores of the hack I made to get this firmware to work at all