Installing vems to a Rover V8 n/a throttle body.

Controlling this and other carīs may require a firmware update. Any strategy proposals are welcome

The current set op on this car is Ms. They use a different way to control this type of “no inlet manifold type.

While running 80 kmt. The map is 80 kpa. And tps. Is 0-2 % so map rices wary fast.

Driving between rally stages (low power) it must use map as the target. While TPS rises above 15-20 % TPS should take over.

Perīs ides

Rallycar with ITB no turbo. Between stages with little throttle movement 0-1% the car must run MAP controlled in order to have good fuel economy between stages (only 40 L in tank).

As the MAP goes to near 100 and the TPS increases, the TPS table will smoothly take over. (TPS table values increases)


injector fuel pulsewidth = (VE1(RPM, MAP) + VE1(RPM, TPS)) x Calculation of injector fuel

where of course

Having 2 VE tables (MAP based and TPS based) would allow the tuner to choose between MAP or TPS based mapping for any loadsite.

Normally and currently high load (eg under boost, where MAP>110 kPa ) is MAP-based, and TPS is used when no-boost.

How would it be used otherwise that justifies the extra complexity ? (not just software, but mostly mental load + help + documentation volume + misunderstanding + support)