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Got my idle to work wary precise.

Vw Peugeot Audi and some brands use the Bosch valve.

The only way to get the valve working correct is to connect a diode like 1N4007 or a Scotty diode.

  • injectors is coils too. And we got even better control over coil letting flyback voltage rise up to 40-50V. IAC valve usually is connected same as injector: FET + flyback circuit. From my experience with flyback connected IAC needs high DC around 80-90%. Below ~50% it opens in other direction - mechanical fail-safe mode - ~1200Rpm. It is using same frequency setting 0.
  • The Dc when could is 50% 1300 rpm and 40% hot 800 rpm.
I also use injector output see my wiring but my inspirings shows that the diode is needed badly fore this kind of valve.
  • I try it. Significant better!!! Main advantage is widened PWM range - more resolution.
  • I tested this as well. IN4007 diode increases resolution range from ~20% to ~55%. Is there another value diode we can try to improve this even more?
KevinBlack? Peter
  • Thanks Peter, I will report here if I can try this. About the documentation, I only have this one car running, and just recently, so I don't have a great deal of information yet. If someone has a question my email address is on my members page.



Here is a good starting set up fore the idle