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Audi S2

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Vw polo

We are trying to set-up coil type trigger, 4+1 but without camsync (using distributer).

Car Vw polo turbo

Basic info

Trigger is original disturber type hall. Two signals pr. Crank Rev.

Firmware 1.1.62, but 1.1.70 recommended - benchtest if possible. Review all tables (disable anytrim if not used).

Edge: rising

Type: coil typ

Missing tooth: typ ---

Special trigger type: Normal

Tdc after the trigger: 10

Number of teeth on the wheel: 4 ( 2 is BAD)

First trigger tooth: 0

Next trigger tooth: 1

Angular width of the teeth: 180 (90 does not make sense)

Crank min: 2000 lower, even 0 would be OK

Filtering: Enabled

Advance filtering: Disabled

or 1 can be OK

tested successfull on branch with the following config:

(check the outputs, this is different from your)

2010-03-04 (please don't mix with data from any other projects. This is important ! Cannot get a good overview that wastes a lot of time and makes it hard to help). Split this project to a page of it's own (or move the info that relates to other projects).

Need support to get the sec_trig HALL working

Car Bmw E46 6 cyl COP pri_trigger 60-2 hall is working.

sec_trig hall

Due anyone know ware to find the schematic on 3,6 . having trouble to get the sec_trigger hall to work?

  • Thanks Marcell

Her is the correct pic of the board taken of the exact board (by reseller)

unfortunately they have made the measurement wrong, they could not measure 5 V at sec_trig with disconnected sensor

With the sensors connected they have no rpm at all

So please see the config if something is wrong and also validate the hardware.

Tnx Peter


Solder a blob or wire to set up as secondary trigger=HALL (with no cam-HALL inverter) :


orig [pic1] and [pic2]


After several attempts I got the main.hex uploaded to Avr but I have not been abele to get the serial communication working what could be wrong?

I have tried command S,s Man but no serial contact

Avrdude version: avrdude-5.6cvs.tar


Bootloader ISP upload

To upload main.hex using Avrdude and ISP find main.hex in


I have a problem with contacting megatune

Vems have been subjected to great hardship as there has been a bad ground connection.

when I turn on Vems can I get connection for about 2 seckunder with megatune and then lose my connection.

after 2 seconds prosessoren bring some of the output high

Is it possible to delete the program in prosessoren and then upload a new firmware ?

Dual Stage Injection

A friend of mine is consider to buy Vems and he has some questions:

Can Vems run dual stage on a 5 cyl. S2 engine (10 injectors)

If yes can he adjust the petrol/methanol (second stage) like a look up table?

He likes to have petrol like normal 5 1025 ml. inj. And petrol mixed with 20% methanol fore the five-second stage injectors and it is necessary to could adjust the mix in rpm and load

you can set the flowrate ratio of injectors (first and 2nd stage).

You don't need to set 2 VE tables, just one. The 2nd stage is only used at higher pulsewidth (higher load).

Audi S2 standard TEMPERATURE sensors

Need to calibrate the mat and coolant.

What airXfactor hex and cltfactor hex.


The best for coolant is 1900 256 (shows appr 10C lower, so you get indication well above 102C coolant temp).

For air: 425_260 is a good starting point for a PTC, with the 430 Ohm pullup (2700 Ohm x 510 Ohm).

Minor note: even if you have an NTC table in the ECU right now, the reading is useful to find out where the ADC is at certain temp to make a good choice: download calibration zip from EasyTherm and use the csv spreadsheets).

Question: Is this a good setup fore 60-2 trigger. Peugeot 2,0

Please comment:

Next trigger tooth must be 30 !

Also, strobe the engine for exact ign_tdcdelay (1 tooth + 60 degree might not be dead on).