I'm planning on installing VEMS on my '89 Alfa Romeo 75 Twin Spark.

I'd like to use the original wiring so I'll probably end up putting VEMS board inside a spare Motronic box. I've checked that almost everything should be fine, even the intake valve timing solenoid can be controlled easily, but how about ignition? Because of the twin spark system there are two ignition units (coils and dwell-capable ignition modules for them). Both plugs in each cylinder are ignited at the same time.

However, check the polarity that the module needs on the control input.

OK, thanks for the answer.

The original ECU is Motronic ML 4.1. It has 2-row 35-pin connector, which I'm planning to use for all connections. The orignal wiring may be used as well.

List of the sensors and actuators:

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