This is a VW Beetle from 1966 that has 2litre engine and soon-to-be complete VEMS conversion.


Note that queries without missing basic info (cylinder count, firing order, etc..) are answered with a delay, or kept waiting for info.

UPDATE: Car is running now for some time, all seems ok. I'll post configs later.

IAT and CLT (well, engine temp)

I'll use

Injectors: 240cc Saab 9000 Turbo ones (donor car for EFI and eventually turbo conversion).

Ignition: Two Lancia Delta Integrale wasted spark coils (2 cylinders each)

I've made an EFI conversion together with fabricating fuel rails, injector bungs, new intake manifold and RPM trigger.


DONE: Primary trigger: simple trigger means 2 welded iron pieces placed appr 70 BTDC, sensed with 1GT101.

Secondary trigger options: