This is my wife's daily driver, '83 Porsche 924 with 2.0 liter inline four. It had nasty K-Jetronic and transistorized ignition before, I made EFI conversion to it.


14.08.2007: Car has IHI KHF5 turbo installed since winter. Also an intercooler from Porsche 944 Turbo, 440cc Low-Z Denso injectors, oil cooler from Opel Senator and all cutsom pipe-work. Boost is 0.92 bar and compression ratio is stock 9.3:1 and engine is running strong and reliably. Using passive wasted spark coils from Lancia Delta Integrale.

Since last week I uploaded 1.0.73 firmware with 16x14 tables. Car seems to be running smoother on lower (1600-2200) rpms. Could be because of the better resolution of this firmware?

A: This firmware has no better resolution than other. Its only more work to tune the engine. Some people haven't realized that its possible to move load sites around, and thereby need more than 12x12 loadsites. Neither 1000 hp BMW's with ITB's and turbo nor 2000 hp chevy engines has no reason to use any larger tables than 12x12, we dont even use all load sites on any of those engines. I recommend 12x12 as that is more standard.

The answer is probably in the worn out k-jet that got replaced.


Tachometer is working alright using 1 kOhm pullup and divider of 16.