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Primtrig: crankwheel is 100-1.

We retested the 100-1 without camsync setup (aka "m991") with 1.2.27 firmware in lab (using different starting positions for the pattern).



Car runs now very good, bug was in the swapped coil signal wires (two of them were swapped due to same colours and my mistake). Which setup do you use now ? ign_dualout=off ? Are you sure that all 8 cyls are running even at low-RPM ?

Thank you guys for the input and sorry for all the fuzz.

HW verification

Firing order : 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

The reasonable wiring for this engine is that ignch1 and 0 drive cylinders 360 crankdegree apart. ignch3 and 2 also, etc... That is:

so use this wiring and don't change it! only change h[2] in configuration ! :

cyl ignch EC36pin..
1 0 35
6 1 33
3 2 34
5 3 36
7 4 11
4 5 12
2 6 24
8 7 10

For COP and proper setup, camsync is necessary. Without camsync, we have a problem.. While other wiring makes ign_dualout impossible, this wiring allows 2 different configs:

OLD, BAD wiring

With the old, BAD wiring (cyl1=ignch0 ... cyl8=ignch7) the following was the h[2] ignition sequence (ign_dualout=off):

This is no longer used, since the h[2]=07 05 03 01 06 04 02 00 has same effect with the reasonable wiring.

Meta notes

It is possible to help, if data published in wiki is accurate

When updating, remember to delete old, confusing info (or move to a history page, but don't expect anyone to review or consider that page).

Also remember that phone is no substitute for these written information. MembersPage/BmwVenesz (despite much experience with motec) was calling everyone from Dead-Sea to Mount Everest and still couldn't start the car. Than he put on car on trailer: we counted the teeth from missing_tooth to cyl1,4 TDC and made the configuration changes in 5 mins that started the car. Had he properly written down the ignition wiring and missing_tooth position (we requested several times), we could have made the simple config changes saving him 1 week of telephone and frustration, and 2x140 km trailer ride.

MegaTune and firmware

Marcell is thinking about possible hacks that would make this not supported setup (no camsync when camsync is needed) perform better (without negative effect on the innocent).

All outputs are logiclevel (0 IGBT inside ECU). Logiclevel outputs pull to GND (0V) when inactive, so when you measure DC voltage with DVM, from 5V as base, you read -5V

Car runs ONLY on primary trigger which is stock 100-1 tooth wheel on the flywheel and I don't have cam sync (not supported setup).

I tried to fire COPs in pairs, as wasted spark, but it did not make any difference.

Note that I fired BMW m50 engine COPs also sequentially by using just stock 60-2 trigger wheel, same low-rpm problem. No surprise, the same there: camsync is needed for proper operation.

The engine runs, but high dwell (3 .. 3.5 msec ?) was needed.

A: I measured all logic level ign outputs and nothing was connected at that time. Used DVM in usual DC mode and it read 1 volt on ign. event. As Marcell said, it's ok.