Car is 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (964). Engine is 3.6liter flat-6 with two plugs per cylinder (total of 12).

It has 55pin Motronic so PnP? was the way to go. I added some additional wires separately (WBo2, ignition outputs, 4x 1.5mm2 ground wires and flyback).

I ditched stock twin distributors and added two 3x2 Bosch coil-packs. Also deleted the barn-door air meter and added MAT from webshop.

Car started on the first try and runs fine but I couldn't get the IAC valve (2wire Bosch unit) to work. It works exactly the opposite way: appliyng power closes it, not opens.

TPS is a switch type, so I changed that to resistor type from Opel which was pretty much bolt-on.

Injectors are bigger than stock (280cc @ 3bar instead of 235cc @ 3bar). System pressure is 3.8bar from the factory.

Everything is reversible to stock in case owner wants to sell the car in stock condition.

Here's the Motronic 55pin connector pinout for 964:

Pin no 964

1 Ignition pulse to output stage (works with either logic-level IGN output or stepper output)

2 Ground-output stage shield

3 DME Relay Ground (Fuel pump)

4 Idle speed control

5 Tank venting valve (connected to INJFET 6 together with resonance plate and opens with full throttle @ 5000 rpm)

6 Engine Speed to tachometer

7 Signal from air flow sensor

8 Signal from HALL sensor


10 Oxygen sensor GND

11 Knock sensor 1

12 Power supply for air flow sensor

13 Diagnosis "L"

14 Sensor GND

15 ti signal cyl 3

16 ti signal cyl 6

17 ti signal cyl 1

18 permanent positive "30"

19 Ground


21 diagnostic plug knocking yes+no

22 Check engine control

23 resonance plate

24 GND


26 Ground to air flow meter


28 Oxygen Sensor Signal

29 Knock sensor2

30 Knock sensor GND

31 Positive to Hall sensor

32 Consumption gauge (not used as car doesn't have one)

33 ti signal cyl 5

34 ti signal cyl 4

35 ti signal cyl 2


37 Voltage from DME relay with ignition

38 not used

39 Version coding

40 AC compressor

41 AC switch



44 Intake air temperature NTC I

45 Engine temperature NTC II

46 Altitude potentiometer

47 speed/reference mark positive (VR sensor, 60-2 wheel, missing tooth is 84 degrees BTDC)

48 speed/reference mark

49 not used

50 Heater/AC regulation


52 Idle signal- throttle valve

53 Full load signal- throttle valve

54 Coding plug

55 Diagnostic plug, lead K