Car is 1985 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera with added turbocharger, Plug and Play VEMS (with adapter harness).

Trigger pattern is 129 teeth on the flywheel and single tooth as secondary, also on the flywheel.

Secondary trigger polarity is reversed like it should in auditrigger applications.

Having a slight issue with customers car (car is in Florida). Works fine other than the trigger errors at idle speed or so. Temporary error just at the start of cranking is small thing, but occasionally it shows trigger error (tooth length bad) during idle.

Attached config and triggerlog, would really appreciate any help.

Hello Peep,

Do you have a local car working with the same HW configuration (and software/config) without this issue ?

From your triggerlog its hard to get any relevant information (because of the high divider count), please take a triggerlog with divider = 1, cranking 8-10 seconds without injection and ignition fuse and upload; I'll review.

Best regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

Here's the triggerlog with div 1:

Hello Peep,

I have reviewed you triggerlog, but it seems there are many missing teeth there

Best regards, Dave


It was not taken at 115200, it was at 19200.

I asked him to take at 115200 but he could not connect, so he took log at 57600:

Hope this is more helpful.

Peep, reviewed your triggerlog, this triggerlog is also NOT div1 and not cranking without fuses ign and inj 8-10 seconds. To streamline this review, please before submitting a new triggerlog review yourself if the file is in the requested format. Regards, Dave.

Hi Dave,

I asked to take another triggerlog, sent a config for that too (coil type, divby1, tooth count 129), taken at 57600:

Also customer reported rpm still reading after engine has stalled, could it be noise issue? Here's log: