Car is my friends '86 928 S with 4.7litre V8, Strosek body kit and ultra-wide Folger 18inch wheels. Engine produces 310hp stock.

This is the beast:


Car is running very well right now.

It had LH-Jetronic from the factory. LH was fuel only, spark was distributed by two(!) 4cylinder dizzys! I threw old engine compartment wiring off and applied 8 VW COP ignition coil.

Car has 100-1 tooth wheel on the flywheel with VR sensor.

Redline RPM: 7000rpm

10000 RPM possible with 100-1 trigger wheel


I measured the resistance between pins.

it's like that: Between pin 1 and 4 = 390 ohms, between pin 3 and both 1 and 4 40kOhm and betweens pins 3 and 2 16kOhms.

Correct pinout is like this: pin1 & 2 - GND, pin3- +12V supply, pin4- Signal

26.09.06 - old speculation (the COPs were connected according to bad pinout => no spark

Got the wiring done and since I have two of the 8 COPs needed, i thought I'd try to get a spark on the plug. Ok, got everything hooked up correctly and I set dwell to 3ms, cranked and.....Nothing!

Disconnected the coil and measured (how? what equipment ? what settings ?) the output of Genboard while cranking, it was something like 1.2-1.3 volts for a second and then dropped to 0.08-0.1 volts.

If you measure with a DVM in DC mode, that measures mean voltage. Eg. 5V, 20% of the time (80% off) measures 1V. Yes, I measured DC voltage, appr 1V, so it's all ok then.