This car is my winter daily driver.

Stock K-Jetronic is ditched and VEMS installed.

Using simple-trigger on the crank and cam sync made from stock distributor.

Some facts:

VAG active coil-on-plugs

260cc Low-Z leftover injectors from Porsche 944

TPS mounted on stock TB

NTC CLT sensor on stock location

original rad fan removed and thin electric fan installed, controlled by VEMS

BOSCH LSU4 WBo2 sensor in stock location

custom engine wiring harness

3wire IAC from Porsche 993.

Fuel consumption is very low for that kind of car (2.3liter 16v, 185 hp stock, now around 200 hp), in city cycle less than 10l/100km on winter, on the highway around 6.5-7l.