This is 1988 Honda CRX FWD drag-car with H22 engine conversion.

Engine has completely stock internals, only modifications are Suzuki GSX-R750 ITB's, suitable trumpets, tubular header and VEMS v3.3.

Trigger is simple-trigger on the crank + cam sync on stock dizzy. Both sensors are 1GT101.

Stock power is 185hp at the flywheel, but with those mods car made 211 hp at the wheels (around 240 hp at the flywheel).

Ignition is changed out to 2x2 coil-pack and injectors are now 440cc low-Z (using resistors). Stock 345cc injectors were 100% duty @ 13.0 AFR. Best ET is 12.4 s @ 178 km/h. Note that car does NOT have LSD and we have concrete surface on old Soviet airfields. Best 60ft time is 1,9 s.