This is 1995 Audi S6 with 4.2 V8 ABH engine.

TRIGGER: It has "auditrigger" arrangement: 136 (NOT 135) teeth and reference pin on the flywheel (2x VR sensors) and CAM sync on distributor.

1.1.23 or later, config as on InputTrigger/AudiTrigger but

IGNITION: Right now it has two distributors but the owner has bought 1.8T passive COP's like on A8 engines. These are good COPs :) So it will run dual-out.

It would be better to use 8 IGBT and drive the 8 coils individually. Since you have camsync anyway, I see absolutely no reason for ign dualout (that wears the coils and sparkplugs faster). I would only use ign_dualout as limphome, if the HALL sensor was bad or something.

FUEL: OEM injectors right now.

NITROUS: Features NEX dual wet nitrous oxide system, nozzles are available from 50-200hp.

I have one v3.3 here that has 8 power outputs and primarytrigger: VR, what do I have to add to VEMS to convert it to "auditrigger"?

In benchtest, you will use c722 type signal (not c270 as in the 135 tooth auditrigger). Leave the HALL signal out during benchtests. As an experiment, pull down the HALL to GND (ignition will be cut).

Q: Can I leave Hall cam sync out of the game and just use two VR's on crank since I'll do dual-out and it's a V8?