Car is from year 1997. It sports turbocharged 1.8liter inline four, has passive coil-on-plug ignition system and crank triggers: primary VR (60-2 wheel) and HALL as cam sync. Garrett GT28RS turbocharger is installed also.

Update: car is running very good right now on 1 bar. LCD issue is still there but I'm going to swap it with another since the one from my car worked ok.

Also it is equipped with strange throttle body. Perhaps it's one unit TPS and idle valve? I took some measurements also: two pins have 5v supply, one pin has 12v supply and one pin had something like 10.x volts supply (measured when engine was not running, only ign. was switched on.

That's what it looks like.


Looks like a newer version of InTake/ThrottlePlates/VAGElectronicThrottle

I connected all the sensors to VEMS unit and everything worked fine (including TPS) but the stock VR sensor. I put the 60-2 wheel specs all correctly (check the config : MembersPage/PeepPaadam/AudiConfig )but no rpm signal. When i switch from multitooth to coil-type, it shows 100rpm every crank rotation like it should (one trigger event per rotation) but in multitooth mode...nothing.

I might also innstall VEMS on such a 20vT so I'm curious #HansK?:

A: Cam sync is one window Hall sensor.

A: Check the answer above once again ;) Easiest way is to carefully cut each pin of the chip, without harming the board. Very small wire cutter for example. Once the P259 is gone, LM1815 VR trigger will come alive.

Update: After consulting with MembersPage/MattiasSandgren i cut just VCC pin of the p259 chip and I got VCC of the LM1895 chip normal again.

Got the car running also, though with off base timing and 3 cylinders (have to check the plugs).

I would still cut the whole chip away, after confirming that its working with VCC cut, This chip is sharing the same control bus as I259, used for ignition outputs. As the chip is totally burned, i cannot guarantee that everything connected to that bus will work properly. //Emil

I connected the blue LCD today, but it shows a whole display full of question marks (?)

Like this:





Check a 4th time that

A: *Manmli showed normal digits (RPM: 0000 etc)

*Cable length is usual 1m

*Tried different LCD and different VEMS unit, though it's all the same..... WTF is it? Checked the wiring AGAIN and it corresponds to DB9_new_pinout and even colours are the same.

Configs are here, though it's with the other unit: