Ford Mondeo TDCi crank sensor 2S7Q-6C315-AC

BMW Mini wasted spark coil pack -Like MSD Blaster coil but black and much cheaper (used from Ebay - many Mini owners are upgrading to MSD coil) 8229_full.jpg

Connector part numbers from BMW dealer (cost less than 4 euros)

BUSHING CONTACT 0,5-1,0MM12527511408
BUSHING CONTACT 1,2-2,0 MM12527511409

Standard coolant temp sensor

Bosch Wideband from WebShop

MAT from WebShop

Injectors 0280 150 905 263cc/min from Golf G60

Other parts might consider using in future

Bosch idle valve 0280 140 527 - from Alfa - 3 pin (I think it is prefereable to source 2 pin valve)

I have a new NTK L1H1 WB02 Sensor, is it possible to use this instead of the Bosch LSU4.2 sensor?

It seems the controller sold at has a jumper to change a resistor, but that only effects the HW RCal method. That's why we don't use NTK with round, but the software calibration method used in v3.x works without changing any resistor.

Note that the small connector pinout is different (from the big, that is in the manual), and pump_pid_kp and pump_pid_ki values are appr. 1/3 of the Bosch sensor. In decimal, wbo2 pump PID values:

See WideBand