Primary Trigger

terheletlen feszültség: 2,85 V

1Kohm-os ellenállással 284 mV

a polaritás megfeleli

We concluded that p259 was likely damaged during the install

Output collision ! Change fuel pump output (now an injector channel is selected for it) to NOT collide with an injector !!! Use injgroup 4..7 (NOT 0..3 = A..D)

the p59 repaired sucessfully. but we dont have trigger signs.

anybody idea?

Trigger looks like 60-2 but REVERSED VR polarity! - there should be one long tooth *3 than appr previous time.

1608    1242    0.98
1609                                                    55812   0.94
1610    1213    0.97
1611                                                    48389   0.86
1612    1157    0.95
1613                                                    34052   0.7
1614    1083    0.93
1615                                                    15108   0.44
1616    1011    0.93
1617                                                    62212   4.11 MISSINGTOOTH 8
1618    958     0.94
1619                                                    48643   0.78
1620    921     0.96
1621                                                    39172   0.8
1622    891     0.96
1623                                                    31495   0.8
1624    1902    2.13 MISSINGTOOTH 58
1625                                                    28166   0.89
1626    1545    0.81
1395                                                    1283    0.04
1396    851     0.55
1397                                                    21251   16.56 MISSINGTOOTH 6
1398    856     1

[full log]

Your VR trigger is apparently reversed ! (HU: forditott polaritásnak látszik. Azt mondtátok, megcsináltátok a multiméteres "csavarhúzó"-tesztet. Vagy mégsem ?).

We checked the polarity and it was correct but we will try to reverse the polararity tomorrow, and upload the new config file.

Thanks for your patients.

succeed, we have changed the polarity, we have tigger signs,spark and fuel, we are trying now the cold start.

(HU: pedig megcsináltuk a csavarhúzós tesztet, szerintem már fáradtak voltunk akkor este, mindenesetre igazad volt, meg kellett fordítani, köszi Marcell!)

The engine is running, we are programming the tables, we are on way...tonight i will upload the config! thx for all Marcell!

here is the config, it's not finally, we must set up many parameters. (HU:minden észrevételt szívesen fogadunk)

Nevertheless, for a start I suggest to check this working M44 engine config: - trigger tooth was ~120deg from 1st cyl tdc, but double check position, as M44 has triggerwheel on the flywheel, not at the front! (Timing MIGHT be the same as M42). Please notice that this setup is for E85 (nearly optimal) timing at 160 kpa MAP, stock compression. Gasoline needs much lower ignition values! M4x pistons are prone to crack if overstressed, even with ethanol, be careful!

The engine is running, but it looks like 1 cylinder, dont sparking,(the engines running is lumpy on low endurance) we suspect it's, hardware problem, we have tested the cables, all ok, the coils to (with other 4 new coil) tomorrow i will buy new spark plugs, i hope that is the problem.

We have find the problem, the MAP sensors connection was in wrong place on the intake manifold(too close to the 4. cylinder), and the MAP signal was instable.

I have uploaded the new config. the question is, the primary triggers config is correct? i have problem, in static speed (60km/h and 110km/h) the engines running is a little bit lumpy, and the full chassis shaking, when i give more fuel, the problem ending, but i have 0.86-0.98 lambda, (when the engines running is lumpy, the injection time end the sparking time dont variating (static))