I want to replace the old brain in a Opel Corsa with the genboard v3.2.

The engine is a 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder. At the present the engine has a hall sensor, but my intension was to replace that sensor with a multitooth cranck wheel (58-2 tooth wheel) and a VR sensor to enable sequesial injection. I have read on this site that this should be possible if I put the tooth wheel on the CAM shaft and make the genboard think it is an 8 cylinder engine with wasted spark ignintion system.

To test this I have made a testbench with an atmel at90s1200 micro controller. The micro controller is simulating the multitooth wheel and is connected to pin 27 (trigger1 connector) on the genboard.

Now I want to have 4 injections and 4 ignitions for every rotation of the engine, i.e. 4 injections and 4 ignintions between two missing teeth. As an starting point I have only 1 injection and 1 ignintion. If I set config.another_trigger_tooth=1E(30) I get 2 injections and 2 ignitions, but I don't know how to augment it to 4. Setting config.another_trigger_tooth=F(15) dosn't make any good.

Q: So my main question is: How do you configure an 8 cylinder engine wasted spark with only a multitooth trigger wheel?