Project started some years ago, but have been pending for some time.

Car is a Alfa 75 3.0 1990 that has been modified with camshafts from Zagato RS/SZ and slightly higher compression ratio. Headers will be exchanged when suitable for a reasonable price are avaliable.

Plan is to exchange old L-jetronic and digital iginition.

VEMS 3.2 more or less fully equiped

300ccm EV-6 injectors replace low-ohm orignals

Fuel-rail from Alfa 164 V6 (clips connection)

Bosch Motorsport wastedspark coil

VR-sensor and 60-2 plate from from Alfa 164

Semisequential setup, no camsync

Distributor removed

Air-intake same as before, even aux-idle air.

Unfortunately those changes required much more modification, not really bolt on. Modified oilpump, new waterpump and some more.