Audi Coupe Quattro 2.7tt with Genboard v3.3

-Starting up the VEMS v3.3

Since I recived my Genboard v3.3 system I`ve been having problem with getting contact between the Genboard and my computer. Here is what I`ve tryed so far.

First I connected the grounding and the power. I conected EC36pin 5, 21, 22, 26 and 32 to grounding, and EC36pin 25 to 12v power (+11,2 v actually). Then I connected EC18-pin14 to DSUB9-pin3, EC18-pin15 to DSUB9-pin2 and EC36-pin26 to DSUB9-pin5.

Then I connected the DSUB port to my laptop and started the MegaTune program. Tryed version 1.0.36 and 1.0.73 Final. Tryed all ports, from COM1 to COM12. But didn`t get any respons. The "time intervall" was 50, and "serial data rate" 9600.

The first time I connected power, I only connected the EC36pin26 to ground. But I didn`t connect any sensors or similar. I don`t think I damaged the Genboard, or?

I`ve measured the pins on the Genboard that the DSUB9 port is connected to. Here are the results:

EC18-pin14 and EC18pin15 - 8,5 volt

EC18-pin14 and EC36-pin26 - 0,0 volt

EC18-pin15 and EC36-pin26 - 8,5 volt

Is these voltage measurements correct?

I`ve tryed the Terminal v1.9b software to check my COM port. When I loop DSUB9/2 and DSUB9/3, and write a letter, the same letter is sent back to me. I`ve tryed both 9600,8n1 and 19200,8n1. The same thing is happening, I recive what i write. So I guess my COM port is okey.