[analog input multiplexer VT help]

Experimental setup: this was installed in a different way than normally. Apparently a filtering capacitor was NOT removed from inpmux output (from genboard !).

VemsTune (2016-06 or newer needed, 2015 VT will NOT support this regardless of any attempt ) ini files updated manually (from zip !)


  • use newest VT as instructed and overwrite files under VTinst/config dir with files from freshly downloaded zip (and do NOT "update ini files from web" in this case)
  • the files are overwritten if you overwrite them: after VT restart all ini files are read (they are NOT cached in DB or something...)
  • if insisting on bleeding edge, follow instructions precisely otherwise just wasting time. If still not everything rectified: specify versions and steps you made so we can see where the path was lost

I did it. Now i see the MUX Raw values. I made a log.

Startup-> A1 pulldown to GND for 10sec->after wait 10sec then pull down the A2 for 10sec-and wait the last.

The inputs wasn't tested in sequenced because my pinouts which i got for the VEMS Ecu is incorrect.

On some input the voltage doesn't want to go to 0V but i measured 0V.

The pinouts of ECONOSEAL 10 on my paper:

1: A channel 0 pulled up

2: A channel 1

3: A channel 2 pulled up

4: A channel 3

5: B channel 0 pulled up

6: B channel 1

7: B channel 2 pulled up

8: B channel 3

9: +5V

10: GND

A channel connected to MCP3208 ch6

B channel connected to MCP3208 ch7

Line0 connected to low current output ch2(internal)

Line1 connected to low current output ch3(internal)

The log file:

I supplemented the page with more and fixed information please read again.

V3 Sn:11451

Ordered with 6EGT input + analog input multiplexer.

A channel output connected to MCP3208 ch6

B channel output connected to MCP3208 ch7

ECU input on ECONOSEAL10 connector:

A ch0 = pulled up - Launch Button

A ch1 = no pulled up - Fuel pressure sensor(HONEYWHELL) with external +5V supply.

A ch2 = pulled up - ALS Switch

A ch3 = no pulled up - Not connected

B ch0 = pulled up - Oil temp

B ch1 = no pulled up - Should be pulled up for button for Wide open throttle or i can connect this to "A ch0" paralell with Launch button.

B ch2 = pulled up - Oil pressure sensor (Original 1pin sensor, case is the GND)

B ch3 = no pulled up - Should be pulled up for Switch to select A/B program.

Line0 connected to low current out ch2

Line1 connected to low current out ch3

All Analog input multiplexer inputs 0-5V (protected)

I need more pulled up channels for switches and buttons exactly 2. How can i use "B Ch1" and "B Ch3" channel pulled up?

Recommendation: for best backwards compatibility (with 2016-06 fw)

8 inputs of analog input multiplexer:

copy this URL and the above into the order comment.

- 1-wire interface no

- EGT input 6

- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface 0

- Flyback HighZ-only 30V flyback

- Hi-side PFET outputs 0

- ignition driver 6+2

- Knock input channels 2

- LCD connection yes

- MAP connection offboard(electronic)

- mounting-style flanged case

- primary_trigger EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger HALL

- Service slow

- Special requests ordercomment

- withSDcard removable