2 ECU has been ordered in the following option:


- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface: 1

- LCD connection: yes

- Knock input channels: 0

- ignition driver: 4

- Hi-side PFET outputs: 0

- Flyback: HighZ-only 30V flyback

- EGT input: 2

- 1-wire interface: no

- mounting-style: flanged case

- MAP connection: 400kPa (5/3mm pneumatic)

- primary_trigger: HALL

- secondary_trigger: HALL

- Service: ASAP

- Special requests: no

- withSDcard: no

ECU numbers: 14116 and 14115

And ordered an ETC bridge controller (default: no special request)


The NFET driving bridge output EC10/pin2 was damaged => unable to pull to GND (so output was +12V all the time).

Symptoms were (with both ECU):

At first time when connected the ETC motor to the bridge(ETC DC was 0%) the TPS went up to 100%.
  • I Tried on ETC DC=100% the TPS=0%
  • thought I have to swap the ETC motor pins. I did it but when i raise the ETC DC From 0% to 100% The TB is closing not opening.



Replacing the NFET solved it, pin2 reacted as it should.

Note: preferrably use the backout plate in the econoseal connectors (normally yellow in the EC10) to prevent sliding out of receptacles.