We would like to use a VEMS V3 for dataloging and data receiving via CANBUS system from another Engine Control unit. The ECU is a DTA. ECU (DTA or not), should have most of the sensor data anyway

Some information about the dragster.

Audi V6 12V engine

Borg warner S400 turbo

Methanol fuel

dragautomata gearbox

The plan for VEMS:

6xEGT with outside amplifier with 0-5V signal into Analog input multiplexer.

Turbo speed sensor with a little electronic which can send 0-5V signal to VEMS/Datalogger.

Exhaust Pressure Sensor.

2xWBO LSU 4.9

G-power sensor. 2way. 0-5V

Wheel speed sensor

Oil pressure

Oil temp

Fuel pressure

RPM signal

- Is it possible to use the DTA RPM signal output(non pulled up to 5V or 12V) to get RPM value in VEMS?

And use the vems for PWM controlled N2O system from MAP/RPM tables

[DTA CAN stream specs]

We want to see all of the VEMS ECU's values in the DTA's log.

Is it possible?

We would like to see these thing in VEMSlog from DTA CAN:





Ana1 mV



Oil temp

Advance deg

Ana2 mV

Water temp

Injection ms

Ana3 mV

Air temp

Oil P.

Inj DC%