Audi 3.6 V8 NA engine, first time run in NA. In the future we will build up to the NA engine a GT35 turbocharger with low boost. We use the 3 factory Auditrigger.

Ordered items:

1 x LowZ extension 8 channel

1 x Alubos1600

1 x Alubos Motronic55 frontplate

1 x Alubos gasket

1 x Wideband O2 sensor

1 x Temperature sensor

1 x Coolant sensor AMP-connector

1 x 250kPa MAP sensor

Model: MPX4250AP

9 x Injector or WBO2 heater driver

4 x Ignition driver

1 x Alubos Endplate

- Drill-count: 2DSUB

1 x LCD4x20

- Color: green

1 x GenBoard v3.6 (unassembled)

1 x Idle stepper motor driver

1 x JPT55 connector

Econoseal-JPT55 (Vems-Motronic) converter pinout :

Motronic pinout:


EC36-4 (Tachometer) & EC36-25 1kOhm pullup connect (note: board has pads for 0805 SMD pullup resistor to +12V appr 3 mm from the EC36/4, actually 1k pullup resistor marked "1001" is populated in factory so the throughole resistor is unnecessary)

EC36-26 Sensor GND pin to EC36-5 onboard connect.


Auditrigger sensors shield(JPT-30pin. connect to LM1815 audisensor gnd.


I connected the 5 GND to 1 dot with 15cm line. The dot (elágazik) to 4 line to JPT55- 10,14,19,24 pins.