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I assembled my new board into a motronic box with motronic55 connector.

I think this pinout is ok from Econoseal to Motronic55. This harness from S4 AAN.

Serial connection

I tried to connect my ECU to the PC but ...


In 99% of cases it's the prolific windows-driver problem that causes symptoms exactly like yours.

The vemstune version 0.10.80 (2011.11.15)

I tried 3 different driver version but it didnt want the true.

I installed 4th driver . (PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller?_v1417) wherewith it can connect. But its not 100% perfect. When disconnect the ecu it cant reconnect. One way to reconnect. close vemstune -> disconnect the usb connector and reconnect -> open the device manager, and i must to change the com ports number from com9 to comX. -> save the config. -> open the vemstune, -> add suply to ECU, detect ecu on comX port. it cant connect yet. -> supply off. in device manager the com ports number change back to com9. If i do it the ECU can connect. I think this driver not the best but i didnt find better. I think i will reinstall my Op.system.

My car: Audi 1.8 8V 90ps carburated with vacuum-hall ignition.

The plan to vems:

"New" 1.8 GTE 112ps cylinder head. It has a bigger valves, and ports with injectors.

V3.7 unassembled genboard. Firmware 1.1.96

MPX4250AP 250kPa MAP



IDLE driver

4x20 green LCD


Primary Trigger HALL on cam, 4 window trigger and stock HALL sensor.


4x 350ccm/4bar ~16ohm Bosch injector from S4 AAN

Home made harness


The sensors was tested and calibrated. The battery calibration value was 190.

I tried to connect the Launch to EC18/pin2 and Program switcher to EC18/pin3 .


I was taking these wiring when i assembled my ECU:



I used this wire when the ECU was failed.

First time i used left wire but it doesnt want to change the program. I found the right wire on the internet so i applied.



This problem came up with old Audi S4 AAN motronic harness. I checked the harness and i found some damaged cables. These cables were burn because to short (rövidre zárt). I think it caused by physicaly or senescence damage not bad wiring because it worked well and i tested it before damaged. I don't know why went to bad at the moment when i was trying to joint the switch button.

I think the board gone bad. Injector7 ch.64 onboardwire was burn, P259 doesn't work, every input value wrong or no signal and the calibration values are exaggerated and no rpm.


I would like to thanks the quick board repair.

I assembled the repaired board into a box and i connected to the new harness. It's working well but the engine doesn't run yet because i couldn't fixing the ignition timing with strobe.


The engine is running well but after the start about 15sec or when i change any value the ECU is go offline. I tried to two prolific driver but not changing. Is it possible the driver is badL?

I droped the prolific converter and i bought a new FTDI converter . It's working very well! This is: