Unassembled ECU nr: 9547 which is already have.

The ECU will install in to an Opel Vectra C20LET with drive by wire throttle.

I would like to build with the following options:

- 1-wire interface no

- EGT input 1

- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface 1 yes.

- Flyback HighZ-only 30V flyback

- Hi-side PFET outputs 0

- ignition driver 6+2

- Knock input channels 1

- LCD connection no

- MAP connection offboard(electronic)

- mounting-style unspecified

- primary_trigger EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger HALL

- Service slow

- Special requests no

- withSDcard no

-protected stepper output with 100ohm

-I would like to use 2 analog input with mulitplexer module which is already have. So i need 2 analog input in the EC18 connector for multiplexer module to using launch button, program and ALS switch.