Finally got this far. This Wiki stuff is quite nice.

The project car is a VW-based kit-car with a turbo VW 2L engine.

Hopefully, in short time, this monster should be running GenBoard.

My plans include using EDIS for the ignition part. Primary goal is getting it running at about 250bhp.

04-05-2004 Project start.

Considerations on using v.2 or v.3. Is it possible to buy only the PCB for v.3 and DIY it all ?

Yes is possible, to developers. If one jumps on the HW related development wagon, he'll get hardware for free, and it will be recommended for him to review HW by assembling manually.

Actually usually it's only reasonable after one completes a GenBoard/VerThree install the normal way (starting from PCB for the first install can be tough for non developers).

To get heavy discount on shop items contribution (basically in any area) is the best way, see WebShop.

08-05-2004 Decided to go for v. 2

Tried to figure out, how EDIS is tuned. Posted a Q on FAQ-page.

WIKI has lots of info but needs structuring somehow.

(This is a good point of contribution). I answered the Question, you don't tune EDIS. You tune ignition advance, and configure EDIS.

more to come