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I've been looking around a while for a good aftermarket EMS. Getting to know MembersPage/SimonMarmander, who has tested three different EMS' on his car and finally dialing it in with the GenBoard led me to VEMS. After seeing the many uses and possibilities it has first hand, I just had to buy a v3.3 for myself. The number of sensor inputs is one of them. MembersPage/EmilLarsson helped me over the phone so I managed to find the 9 free ADC's. Thanks!

This means lots of sensors, so the ECU will sens everything that happens; to control or prevent. Nice, perhaps I won't blow as many engines in the future as in the past, and if I do, at least I can log it and se why it happened. =)

The car:



My VEMS-setup for the B23/16V will be as follows:

Sensor inputs:





You have many extra sensors.

I guess you want to use MCP3208 channels to capture them. To build input protection and RC lowpass filters, a similar circuit is used:


If we put a few RC filters on a small breakoff-board in our next PCB-batch, we'll apply BAV99 diodes too, for extra protection.

Note: brought here from email, since I only answer technical questions in wiki. Even if the result will be a webshop order (when asking for prices/shipping/billing, point to relevant page when appropriate).


To add to the order, just copy the above to the order note. +0 Euro. Actually, you already have R and C in GenBoard/VerThree/RescueKit.

Connector pinout


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