As I can see ATM128 is not powered, at least I don't have 3,3V between pin 1 and 2 (in fact, there is no voltage)

Here is how pin are connected now:

I'm not sure I have the good pin layout as I'm using the v3.1 board. Could someone confirm that? (especially for the EC36, as I don't have any power on the atmel processor).

Q. I would really appreciate to know if I'm right with the battery + connected to EC36-pin25. As I can see, this pin doesn't go further on the board. I mean, there is no track from where I soldered the cable.

A. Yes, battery + (12V) should be connected to EC36-pin25, but see also the following link to see how to mount the power on board..Hans ..

Thanks a lot, I'll try this. Bus as I can see on the picture on the page from phattransmission, my board has not the same components. Of the inductor between 1 and 2 and the fuse link between A and B are missing, but other components are not on my board. Do I have more components than the 2 to solder? (I'm not talking about coil/injector drivers)

The inductor from Rescue kit1 marked 1R5 must be soldered Between A&B, and just a wire (short) betwen 1 and 2 if a fuse is mounted external. The inline diode and the voltageregulator (top-left corner of first pic) should bee mounted when you got the board. I think that is it, hope it helps. Hans

using information from Hans (thanks again), I was able to get power to the atmel.

Looks like board is powered now!

Battery is ok