BMW M50 Vanos. v3 srl=13013

m50 VANOS column in [xls] was triplechecked, it is correct for the v3srl=13xxx series. Needs config accordingly

injector channel mapping - vemscfg under review


History. Minor misconfiguration, not understood at first; wrong advice and wrong path was followed

[full set of changes since uploaded in factory at start of last benchtest before sending]

Most seem intentional (eg bigger injectors), but prohibit_config unintentional:



That change was obviously unintentional.

Unfortunately, it was a bad combination of no thematical page, and latenight (+ bad luck)

Ign output see m50 VANOS column in [xls] , this is igndualout compatible (since opposite cyls are driven by neighbors 3,2 ; 6,7; 0,1)

cyl ignch
1 3
5 0
3 6
6 2
2 1
4 7

h[2]=00 30 70 10 20 60 10 70

MOT88/pin27 main relay, activated by MISC1 output (ignch5)

MOT88/pin7 Vanos actuator activated by ignch4

misc2out_channel=42 (ignch4);

17/06/2016 - Jason

customer states 2 coils aren't operational after loading the file from download/v3/Motronic88...

I opened the brd file in Eagle, grabbed a connector to count pins. mot88 pin 23,24,25,50,51,52 are the coils according to both "M50-vanos-vs-s50b32.xls" and bmw_pinouts.xls (both in the downloads Motronic88 directory. Eagle has Drive07 -> mot88/23,

BMW mot88descriptionv3_output (Eagle BRD verified)baseM50vanos <10700 baseM50vanos 13xxx config
23ign cyl 4drive07drive05drive07
24ign cyl 6drive02drive01drive02
25ign cyl 5drive00drive03drive00
50ign cyl 1drive03drive00drive03
51ign cyl 2drive01drive02drive01
52ign cyl 3drive06drive04drive06