Using Genboard V2.2 as to learn about the electronic and firmware. Getting V3 to run in a car.

BLOG for V2.2

Jan. 25 2004 AM

I think i did something wrong with my GenBoard V2.2 I had the bootloader working (well it was when i bought it) Now when i plug my laptop with Terminal bray i dont get nothing. I used to get the AVREFI when i wrote S so...

I am hoping that i can just send the bootloader back in and restart it from scratch It started happening when i tried to send the MS-avr programme in there...


Well my bootloader is back and running... now i am going to send in the ms-avr programme and try to get it run with MegaTune..(well i quit trying to compile megatunix on win2k cause its just a megatune for Linux.. when i tought it was a MS-AVR specific tune programme)

January 27 2004

I got my Perl up and running (So the : perl bin/ command can work.) Still cant get the make mtt to work. I am at the hotel this week also.. and forgot my GenBoard at home. :( So i will play around my laptop to make sure everything is fine.. And see how the ignition part will work.

Feb 17 2004

Well i ran into trouble with my Genboard v2.2 firmware/bootloader and i guess i disabled the clock-osc .. My ISP and RS232 cables dont work any more... so with a Frequency Generator i should try talking to the AVR via ISP while inserting 4 MHz clock into XTAL1 without removing XTAL first (Thanks Marcell)

March 1 2004

When i went to get the Frequency Generator at work they were using it for terminating a Modbus Plus network cause of the shutdown this week so i did not have a chance to fix my v2.2 this weekend. It will have to go to next week

April 6 2004

Still on the road, and time is running out. Anyway i am ordering a couple of v3 this week. i would still like to fix my v2.2 i put 12v 8w power supply on it.. thats what it did not like i check my diodes with my DVM and they seem find. now i need to apply proper power supply and check my 5v my crystal ... etc.. Hey maybe its my ISP Cable thats not working right... but that cable is pretty straight foward.. will post result later on