Genboard V3.x related issues

The VEMS/BuildProcedures/SectionThree is very usefull populating the board without too many questions asked. Theres only a couple value missing in the knock area. If somebody knows what to put, i am sure many people will appriciate.

Q. When we refer to FET driver (ie : VEMS/GenBoard/VerThree/Installation ), are we talking about the same drivers included in the PWM kit ?

A. Yes, you only need them if you are going to run LowZ injectors though

LowZ inj

Set up for a 4 cyl 16 v 2.0 Liters ABA VW engine

* 4 775 cc inj (LowZ?)

I wonder if its not better to use lets say 6 smaller HighZ? inj instead of 4 big ones. as boost goes up.. the 2 last ones kicks in when ever needed ?

Configure so that every injector injects once in every engine cycle (2 crank rotations). If you have problem configuring a nice idle even than (because injector pulsewidth is too low), than using smaller injectors and staging is the only way.

Going to do it as recommended in the VEMS/GenBoard/Manual/DDFlyback section. For the LowZ? (as the schematic states) the red wire on the picture going back to the injector common + .

* In VEMS/MembersPage/ChrisGerhardt/ChrisNotes, its mention that its better to use one FET per Injector.(as i planned to use 2 per FET but adding 2 more FET is not a real issue on Genboard V3.X)

Genboard S/N #58


On top picture, I shorted pins on the FET Driver, but now i am conserned about protecting the AVR it self, should i put a fuse ?

A fuse at the power is a good idea, but that cannot fully protect the AVR's PORTA outputs (although the FET shouldn't talk back to the AVR via the gate and 1k resistor anyway). If you're really concerned, just order a PWM-ing kit from WebShop (you get it as bonus).


On the bottom side i used wires to the EC18 for MAP (using a MSD 3 bar Map) and knock. I used the pins 14-15 that were free and pins from the Stepper that i wont use anyway. Let me note that one wire would have been enough for MAP signal, as the GND and +5V (HALL5V and TPS5V) are already on the connector.