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BMW M50 non-Vanos 88 pin harness connector

We'll review the vemslog and triggerlog captured during cranking (ignition and injectors disconnected or disabled by pulling fuse)

Getting no fuel or spark with the ECU with motronic88 connector

During setup (regardless of harness connector), first one does NOT want to get fuel or spark, but wants to see good sensor readings including TPS, CLT, MAT, MAP and InputTrigger/TriggerLog.

So at minimum one should specify that RPM=0 in VemsTune (or getting good clean RPM, or perhaps sometimes good, but jumping back to 0, or double of real RPM, or ...). The vemslog contains some information, but capture triggerlog anyway.

Some possible (common and not so common) reasons:

VR,VR trigger Ohm measurement (very simple)

This can confirm things, or warn of some fundamental issues (like sensor disconnected, or plugging in M50 non-Vanos ECU to M50 Vanos harness)