ISV Stepper Control

According to GenBoard/BuildProcedures/Stepper there are three options to configure the power to the stepper. I am confused about the second option "fuse and reverse diode"

Question: As I read it I believe you place 450mA fuse in F1

In D45 you put Diode from "southern pad" directly to EC36-pin25 parallel with a 2..5A fuse bypassing what I guess could be called the "northern pad" is this correct?

In regards to the 450mA F1 fuse could a [ Pico fast blow] fuse be used for this?

In regards to the D45 fuse could a [miniature slow blow fuse] be used for this?

The 1JZ ISV has six pins see picture(identical pin out as 7MGTE)

S1 S2 S3 S4 B1 B2